How to create Database and Upload backup in cPanel

First of all create the Database, here are the steps: 1. Login to cPanel 2. Go to MySQL Databases 3. Create database 4. Create USer and Password 5. Add User to the Database you have created Now upload the database: 1. Go to phpMyAdmin 2. Click on Database name 3. Click on Import 4. Select the DB 5. Click on Go Button

How to Upload Website Using Filezilla

  1. Open Filezilla 2. Go to Site Manager 3. Add New Site 4 Enter Domain name in Host 5 Port : 21 6. Protocol : FTP 7 Encryption : Only use plain FTP 8. Login Type : Normal User: Enter cPanel Username Password : Enter cPanel password Now Click on Connect At right hand side it will show you folders of server side. In case of linux hosting, you… Read Article →

How to change Nameservers at Godaddy

1. Login to your Godaddy panel. 2. Click on Domain 3. Click on Manage DNS button 4. Click on change button in name server option 5. Select custom 6. Put our name servers provided by or your hosting provider : (1) Nameserver 1 : (2) Nameserver 2 : 7. Click on Save button. Name servers may take up to 24 hours to propagate.

How to Configure Emails on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings 2. Open “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” 3. Go to Add Account 4. Choose Other 5. Go to Add Mail Account  6. Enter Your Name Email ID Password of your Email ID 7. Choose IMAP and enter the Details. 8. Incoming Server Host Name : (Replace with your domain name) Username : Your full Email ID e.g Password : Password of your email idOutgoing Server Host Name :… Read Article →

How to Setup Emails on Android Phones

  1. Go to all Application and click on Email.  2. Now enter your email and password and click on manual setup. 3.Now select type IMAP   4.Enter The Following Details Username : Your full email id e.g. Password : Password of your Email ID as created in control panel. IMAP Incoming Mail Server : (Replace with your domain name) Security Type : None IMAP Path Prefix… Read Article →

How can I Start Selling My Products Online

The answer is an Online Shopping Website with E-Commerce functionalities. An Online Shopping Website is the most easiest form of online business you can start with an eCommerce website where you will be selling your products and services to your customers. Q. Is making an Online Shopping website is that easy and simple ? A. Yes its easy now, in earlier days one has to find a good Web Developer… Read Article →

Why you need a good Web Hosting for your Website

Once you Design your website, you need to buy a Web Hosting Service which will allow others to see your website globally. This is the first step in making your website online on internet worldwide. Web hosting is a service which ensures that your website is visible to your consumers worldwide. In addition to publishing website, web hosting provider can provide you in many more useful features like finding a… Read Article →

The Easiest Way To Build A Website

Easy to Use Try out our builder and see how simple it is.   More Than 100 Awesome Templates   Free Easy to use 31 languages Multi-language website Unlimited storage Park your domain More than 170 templates Responsive design No advertisement Visit

How to Configure Emails on Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and you will get one of these two screens. OR 2. Click on Next Button OR Click on Account Settings from Tools Menu 3. Select Yes and click on Next button Click on New Button 4. Tick Manual Configuration Option and click on Next button. 5. Choose Internet Email Option and Click Next 6. Enter The Following Details Name : Your name or Company Name Email… Read Article →